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Twin Set

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'Twin Set' is a 16 page book containing a set of found photographs taken at random times throughout the lives of twin sisters, many of the photos appear to have been taken on holidays. The first pictures are taken when the twins are young girls, it looks like it might be the 1940s but that's just guess work based on the style of clothes they are wearing and the little bit we know about the photographic paper the pictures are printed on. Some of the pictures have an older woman alongside the twins and we are guessing she might be their mum.

The pictures spark curiosity because we don't have any accompanying information, we don't have any background detail, we don't know the names of the twins or where they lived or how their lives unfolded. We can speculate about them, that's the beauty of not having the information, we write our own story onto the images.

This is our first book and is limited to just 50 numbered copies, a collectible item as it is very unlikely to be reprinted.